Sunday, 28 June 2015

Making choices. Visits to university

Sitting under an almond tree watching the Caribbean Sea. I am reflecting on when  I made the choice to go to university.  I wished the I had made more of the opportunities to visit such as open days and campus tours. 

Taking the time to find out in further detail, the contents of your chosen courses or courses could help you make a decision to study something that can give you more if what you want fir a degree. 

The staff and students are very welcoming and you will the chance to speak  to other students who want to or are studying in your area of interest   

Web sites and written materials will give you what you basically need to know but there is lots more you or your families want to find out. And doing this face to face during a visit. Will give you a easier transition if you choose to study their.

Go and enjoy and good luck in making your choices. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Teaching of psychology

I have arrived here on the lovely island of Jamaica.  I am still trying to sort out technology so no images this week.  It hard not to think about university I do miss it.
Psychology is taught by lectures and tutorials. Each of our units such as social processes or counseling had a One hour lecture and a tutorial every one or two weeks.  The list of subjects is produced in advanced for lectures so you can do a bit of rereading to help you follow.  I do like to read beforehand so during the lectures I can just listen to what has been said and participate in any discussions.  Most of the time we are given information using slides. Some lectures are more engaging than other and use examples, to tell the story; some just stick to what is on the slide. I do find them very informative and it is especially important to go to lectures but if you do miss out you can always find them on Bero.

Tutorials are taught in smaller groups and it is here that you can develop further understanding on the subject. Sometimes we have small or large discussions, sometimes we conduct experiments or work on data for a report. Tutorials are more practical than lectures and it in these sessions that you can build a good working relationship with your tutors and peers.  During tutorials you will do you’re on line assessment and do any group presentations.  I enjoy my tutorial and was really glad that I made the effort to attend.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Off to the sun

This week I am getting used to the idea of not going to university.  I have had a look at the units for next year and set up new folders on my PC.
I want to be ready for the start of the new term as year 3 is the most important. I have looked at the core text books and will do dome reading over the summer  the units for next year look very interesting especially metal health which is a new area for me. I love to read and I will be spending the next fees weeks laying on a beach or sitting on my mum veranda in the sun
I plan to go to reggae sunfest which is a music festival in Jamaica   I will be great to see some live artists and have a good time with my sister and nieces who are also going to be there

I hope to get internet sorted out so I will be able to share my holiday stories with you. I have a few last minute things to sort out and then in a few days I will be on that plane. The flights takes about 9 hours so plenty of time to start reading for my final year project. I want to get started on it as I would like to write my introduction before I get back to university

So it's off to the sun for me knowing that I can relax let my hair down for a few weeks.

beach Life

Friday, 5 June 2015

Results are in.........

The results are in I have passed all my units. I am going back to university to complete my degree. I never dreamed that I would achieve this much. I had such a great finish to the year I passed my counselling exam with a B+. That was way beyond my expectations. I had such fear of writing but no more.
I am still recovering from a weekend of celebrations with my family and friends. I danced the night away and did drink quite a bit of the fizzy stuff. It is so good to be able to relax and not have to worry about anything.
Going into full time education was a huge gamble for me.  At times I did question whether I made the right decision especially when finances got hard. But it was worth it now I only have one more year to complete. My goal for this year was to submit all my work and not to have any referrals. I feel so much achievement in completing year two, and I am still smiling
The summer is now mine to do what I choose I am hoping to be back working for student recruitment helping prospective students to apply for university. So if you are in Luton mall over the summer come to our stand. We are very friendly and will do our best to help you make that life changing decision.
If this 52 year old brain can achieve a predicted 2.1 then you can. Aim high, keep your dreams alive and you too could be smiling this time next year.
I still have a lot of packing to do.

Here I Come

Monday, 1 June 2015

Exams over

The day finally came. The end of year two. It has all happened so fast. The last exam was horrible, but I did my best. I made sure that I was calm and tried to remember all I learnt over the year in biological and cognitive psychology. It was my least favorite unit but I attended the lectures and read lots.

My plan for this year has been to complete all my work on time. I was really scared of taking those exams. But I focused and now it's time to celebrate. I have not achieved this all by myself. I have had great teachers and support from other students which has enabled me to focus. When I was short of funds I got help from the access to learning fund. I had to put a lot of negative feeling about studying to the back of my mind.

This weekend I going to go dancing I love music I think after 3 terms of psychology. It's time to put the books and files away and enjoy myself until it's time to go and earn some money to get me through year 3 I can't relax fully until the results are in but until then well done to all the student in psychology and counselling therapies we completed another year and the best is yet to come.

University is out for summer Jamaica here I come.
Last day year 2 over

Counseling Exam -

A day to remember today I took my Counselling exam. It's been 27 years since I last wrote an essay in an hour. Wasn't really sure if I could remember all that information but as I learnt in psychology the memory is a wonderful thing.
I really trying to focus on retaining information encoding it. The deeper the processing the easier it us to recall. So lots of reading and practicing. Attending lectures and reading helps to bring meaning to new knowledge and thinking about how I could apply it to real life helps with recalling information. Trying to find examples to attach thus meaning to it. It’s easier to remember occasions if they have meaning.
I am pleased that the information flowed out my head. I used a mind map to plot my essay. Then the words just came out. I didn't remember that I couldn't spell , I just told my story. I really enjoyed it.
The grade will tell me how accurate my recall was I hope that I did well because I feel really good about finishing the exam.  I managed by stress. I think I spent more time taking care not to panic than study.
Being at university is not just about putting it your mind. You have to let it out at some stage My learning came out today not a text book or journal or internet in sight all what I could remember

Good preparation for when I get my tools back. I don't think I am ever going to be scared of writing again.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


This week the focus is all about future careers. Going to university will give me a better opportunity to compete for jobs in different industries. I have develop a portfolio for one of my assignments. This meant that I had to reflect on my career history and to look for a job that I would like to do in the future.
When I left my job to come to university, I thought that I wanted to be a counsellor. It the reason why I choose to do my degree in psychology and counselling therapies.  However, being at university bought back the passion I have for helping people learn. I have always worked in the public and commercial sectors and never really considered working in higher education.

 Some of my lecturers have inspired me to want to teach and some of them has made me think that I could do that. My choice of job for the portfolio was a psychology lecturer. It was surprising to find that I will require a PHD to teach. This information has reinforced my decision to stay in higher education and go all the way. I wonder if I will end up teaching at Bedfordshire university  if so I think it will be a great joy. 

my old job as trainer with springboard group

Image result for black female lecturer
my future Job